Membership and Registration System
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  Category Description Cost
Junior competitive membership Rowers that will be under 19 years of age on January 1st. $797.00+HST
Senior Competitive membership Participants that compete and are over 19 years of age on January 1st. $797.00+HST
Master competitive membership Participants that are over 27 years of age that will compete. $687.00+HST
Sport, non-competitive membership Non competitive membership, participant may enter recreational events. $577.00+HST
Out of Town membership Out-of-town members are members who now live more than 100km from the club and wish to stay connected to the club. They are allowed to row at the club a maximum of three times per year using club equipment that must be assigned to them by the Head Coach. In addition they have the right to vote at the club’s AGM. $165.00+HST