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Hello everyone,

Your annual boat storage fees are directed to the Building Fund. This has been growing healthily over the last several years. However, it is still not sufficient to cover the cost of construction this winter and so we need an extra effort to get us over the top.

All private boat owners are asked to consider pre-paying their boat storage fees for the next five years (2019 - 2023 inclusive) to lock in the current rate of $200 for a 1X and $300 for 2X. For new members, and for those who prefer to pay annually, the fees will increase in 2019 to $250 for a 1X and $375 for a 2X - all amounts subject to HST. If you would like to take advantage of this offer please make your payment by January 31st, 2019 at the latest via our web site. A further incentive is that owners who pre-pay will have priority in the rack selection lottery, to be held in February, for the new boathouse.

We hope that all owners will wish to benefit from this and to help us meet our financial target. We are undertaking some further fund-raising initiatives as well to help us over the finish line and you will hear about these in the coming weeks.

Thank you - your support is much appreciated by the membership.

Board of Directors, Hanlan Boat Club

** Please note that like yearly storage, pre-paid storage is not refundable.

Single Storage pre-payment: $1,000 + HST
Double Storage pre-payment: $1,500 + HST